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Ezee Flow Tea
"I have been using Ezee Flow Tea for four months and have had very good results. I am aged 81.I am now only having one cup first thing in the morning. I need to pass urine much less frequently during the day and have better control over the flow. Thank you for making the product available and for prompt supplying of my order."
"Since taking your Ezee Flow Tea over the last few weeks, my quality of life has greatly improved. 3 trips to the bathroom nightly have improved to most nights not having to visit at all. Urinating is now no problem and I feel years younger because of this."
"Your product has improved my life so much. After spending more time out of bed than in it, I heard of your product and began taking 2 cups a day for 3 weeks unfortunately with no results. After talking with you, I agreed to continue for another month with the most marvellous results! Thank you for giving me my life back!"

Hope’s Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream
"Have a look at Hopes Relief. My sons skin condition cleared up in 2 days, if he gets a spot coming up I put it on 4 times a day and it's gone. My son’s skin was weeping and red/sore, now he has beautiful skin again!"
"We have been using the cream for about a week....pretty amazing so far on daughter’s bad skin condition. Thank you so much!!"
“Tried virtually every other product on the market and have spent over $500 trying them. Resorted to steroids which was the only option the GP gave. Tried Hope’s Relief since about a month ago and have noticed a huge improvement.“
"I used Hopes Relief for my son, cleared it up in 4 days (it was weeping)."
"I just wanted to share my story with you, I have suffered from skin conditions on my hands for ever, for the past month I have been battling to get it under control and have resorted to antibiotic ointments as well as steroids, while walking through the mall last week I saw a Hopes Relief sign and figured I had nothing to lose, I stopped using EVERYTHING but the Hopes Relief and within 2 days my hands I could see new skin coming through, 6 days later my hands are HEALED! Couldn't recommend this product more!!!"
"My 2 year old son has severe skin conditions. This afternoon I had a lengthy talk to my pharmacist (also naturopath) about the endless Doctors’ appointments, natural treatments etc. He recommended Hopes Relief. I came home and applied the cream all over his body. Immediately he stopped itching. The second it was applied the itching stopped. He played like a normal boy. I sat on the floor and cried as I watched him. 4 hours later, at bedtime I reapplied the cream. It stung and he screamed and screamed. This lasted about 3 minutes then it settled completely. He has a lot of broken skin, it was very sad but maybe not as sad as the minimal sleep he gets at night and the aggravation all day and night from the itch. I put him to bed and he fell straight asleep. No itching, I cried again. I still can't believe that now he has not scratched his skin for 8 hours and is sound asleep. You call it Hopes Relief, I will call it magic."
"Went to work this morning with eyes almost swollen shut from a sudden flare-up. On my way to the chemist I saw a sign for your Hope’s Itchy Dry Skin Cream at the health shop. I purchased a tube, and with an hour of the initial application my swelling started to subside and the itch (oh the awful itch!) was gone."
"I am so happy with your product Hope's Relief Itchy Dry Skin Cream, My baby who is now 11 months old has had skin conditions from 3 months old and we tried many natural creams and resorted to steroid creams which did not help as they just came back as soon as we stopped using it! We had seen an immunologist who discovered our baby was allergic to eggs, dairy and nuts and said that we had to use steroid creams and there was no other option as natural creams are not scientifically proven, so we cut those foods from his diet and continued with steroid creams again it cleared up but as soon as we stopped it came back and I didn't feel right about continuing with the steroid creams! So we decided to go cold turkey on the steroid creams under the supervision of a herbalist and I needed a cream to use whilst doing this, a Naturopath from our local health food store recommended Hopes Relief and I was sceptical because we had tried so many things but desperate so I gave it a go and I was amazed after one application it looked better already, I could not believe my eyes! Our son's skin is so much better you can hardly tell he has it and I use your cream everyday knowing that it is a safe and natural alternative that really works! Thank you so much."
Hope’s Relief Moisturising Lotion
 "I don’t have any skin condition, but I work in aged care and my hands love the Moisturising Lotion! I’ve just tried the shampoo as I don’t like using anything with chemicals, and it’s fantastic, my hair hasn’t felt so smooth or clean! IT’S WORTH IT!"
"Your Moisturising Lotion is just what my skin has been crying out for - I am so relieved that there is something out there that truly helps. It heals my skin like nothing else. Thank-you! "
Goats Milk Soap & Wash
"Hello. For 13 years I've been allergic to ingredients in shampoos, lotions, creams, moisturisers. I've lived with swollen and red eye lids irritated skin which has affected my confidence and self-esteem. I've tried natural and organic products with no success and had allergy tests which revealed no leads. Recently I ventured into trying something radical and using goat milk soaps. I bought a few and they irritated my eyes but were good on my skin and hair. I was onto something so I kept trying new brands and I tried Hopes Relief Goats Milk soap and finally!! I found it! The gold at the end of the rainbow! It lathers well, styles my hair and leaves my skin radiant so much so I even used it as a shaving cream! I can't tell you how happy I am and my friends know it! You've resolved a chronic problem and made a difference to one person. Thank you Your Goats Milk Body Wash is wonderful and makes my skin so soft and moisturized. Thank you. Please never change the formula "
Shampoo & Conditioner
"I have been using the Hope’s Relief Shampoo and Conditioner for about 3 months now I was amazed at how quick it changed my life. After 2 weeks I no longer had thickened scales/scabs covering my entire scalp and the itchiness subsided. I have recommended it to many thank you "
Cleansing Bar
"This product is really good to use on baby and young skin. This soap was very gentle on the skin and did not cause any irritation. My daughter has very dry skin and this helped relieve this. Was impressed with the high quality of this product. I recommend it and already have to my neighbour as son suffers from skin conditions. Brilliant product!"
"This soap is lovely to use and helped a lot with skin conditions. This is a gentle soap and never caused any irritation. We used it daily until finished it. It helped with my skin. This soap certainly helped and moisturized the skin. A very good quality soap. I would definitely recommend this product as we saw an improvement in the skin condition."


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