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Seatease Toilet Seat Covers

Seatease Toilet Seat Covers
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Flushable - 100% Recycled Paper - Biodegradable
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No more hovering or holding your waterworks with SeatEase toilet seat covers

Public toilets have to be one our least favourite places to visit but when nature calls there’s not a lot we can do to avoid them other than run to the nearest bushes.

What to do? Some people resort to the ‘squat’ or ‘hover’ – extremely uncomfortable and inelegant.


Every time a toilet is flushed, tiny droplets of water spray onto the toilet seat. These invisible drops can contain bacterial such as E.coli, streptococcus, staphylococcus and the common cold virus, to name a few.


There’s an even greater risk for children – ‘toilet seat dermatitis’ is an increasing problem, says doctors in the journal of Paediatrics. These rashes are due to the chemicals used to clean public toilet seats irritating the sensitive skin on the backsides of the young.


There is, however, an easier way to avoid contact with public toilet seats – The SeatEase Disposable Toilet Seat Cover.


The SeatEase provides a thin, comfortable germ-free barrier between a user and the seat. Made from 100% recycled paper, they’re biodegradable so they easily flush once used.


SeatEase come in a handy carry pack of 10, much like a tissue pack, and slip easily into any handbag, carrybag or glovebox.

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